At St Michael’s there are 23 teaching staff and seven support staff.

This includes a principal, eight full-time teachers, ten part-time teachers, one part-time Learning Support Teacher, five part-time Learning Support Assistants, a part-time Teacher-Librarian, a part-time Library Assistant, a part time English as a Second Language teacher, Aboriginal Education and Extension teachers and a Clerical Assistant. There is also a canteen coordinator and a cleaner and grounds person.

A highly structured combination of professional development opportunities, access to quality teaching resources and experiences as well as an increased emphasis on wellbeing and parent engagement has been developed to increase student readiness for and engagement in learning. Curriculum differentiation also ensures that the needs of students are catered for at all levels.

The Leadership Team is responsible for setting the operational agenda and goals of the school as driven by the Strategic and Annual Plan. This group of dynamic individuals is each responsible for key aspects of the business.

A list of staff contacts can be found below:

School Executive

Principal: Helen Bourne

Assistant Principal: Cate Anderson

Religious Education Coordinator: Sonia Cary

Primary Coordinator: Gemma Pilley

Classroom Teachers

Kindergarten – Virginia Cashmere, Lisa Henderson, Laura Hamer

Year 1 – Claire Hendley, Kelly Czipri, Georgina Gough

Year 2 – Georgina Gough, Mark Staveley, Jess Nunan

Year 3 – Gemma Pilley, Courtney Albert

Year 4 – Veronica Attard, Joel Warby, Wendy Cant, Sharon Tutton

Year 5 – Debbie Black, Trevor Ryan

Year 6 – Trevor Ryan, Sonia Cary

Learning Support Teacher: Cate Anderson

Teacher-Librarian: Susi Scarcella

Library Assistant: Jane Stuart

ESL Teacher: Jillian Smith

Aboriginal Education Teacher: Paul Towill

Enrichment Teacher: Steve Corrigan

Gifted Leader: Claire Hendley

Pastoral Care Worker: Martina Haddad

School Psychologist: Eliza Fraser

Learning Support Assistants: Tracey Rooke, Jackie Haggett, Martina Haddad, Jessica Whitehouse, Antionette Fitzpatrick

Administrative Assistant: Kim Milgate

Cleaner and Grounds person: Brad Deger

IT Support: Alun Bamford

Canteen Coordinator: Sue Shaw