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As a Catholic school, St Michael’s has Christ at the heart of everything we do. Christ is the focus of our curriculum, our school and our community. Our faith permeates all aspects of our lives and formal Religious Education helps students learn, express and give witness to the love of God revealed to us in Jesus Christ.

Through the Religion Syllabus, we retell the story of Jesus and the Church, using accessible language for young people of the 21st Century. The Syllabus has a focus on the Catholic story in the larger context of the wider world, thus issues related to justice, morality and building a better world are explored in dialogue within the Catholic context. Many students will obviously be hearing the Christian Story for the first time, not in a Church or at home, but in a classroom.

The Religion Syllabus therefore has, as its fundamental aim, to enhance or promote knowledge and understanding of the Catholic community, its story, its experiences and its teachings. This is done through the exploration of four main strands, woven across the years or stages, and based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These strands are Jesus and Scripture, History and Beliefs, Celebration and Prayer and Justice and Morality.